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Joseph Schwartzman

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Oil Paintings by Joseph Schwartzman

I am a professional artist who specializes in oil painting. My current body of work comprises two distinct categories: paintings that merge nebulas with human figures and traditional portraiture. More recently my portraits also include nebulas or textures derived from nebulas.

The incorporation of nebulas within my oil paintings serves as an artistic declaration, emphasizing humanity’s inherent connection to the cosmos. This thematic exploration underscores my belief in the primordial role of consciousness as the driving force of the universe, a concept I endeavor to convey through engaging and whimsical artistic expressions.

Our contemporary era offers us unprecedented access to the breathtaking imagery captured from the depths of space, which serves as a wellspring of inspiration for my artistic endeavors. While my nebulas may initially appear abstract, they, in fact, constitute authentic representations of celestial landscapes. My artistic journey commenced in the early 1980s, culminating in my formal education at the University of British Columbia during the 1980s, where I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree.

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Joseph Schwartzman is an artist who produces strong and developed work. He has two series of paintings, each with its unique style and approach. The first series is experimental, where he enjoys exploring and pushing the boundaries of traditional techniques. The second series comprises portraits, which are deeply personal and evoke strong emotions.

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