About Me

I believe that continuing on from “Art for arts sake” I make my art as “art for the artists sake” as art has become that which is of interest to the artist alone, not withstanding his audience. Currently I am doing two very different categories of paintings one is Nebulas with figures series, similar to the Hubble series,  and the other is portraits. 

We live in such a phenomenal time where we have access to images from deep space. Tying these to a spiritual perspective I produce images with humans interacting with those beautiful images of nebulas. I have all kinds of words to say what this means but in the end the All is just too big (and small) to really describe and my words or those of any teachings or those of any physicist are and, probably will always be, inadequate. So any meaning is up to the viewer to feel. I do strive for beauty and I hope that I succeed.

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